Curriculum Vitae

Personal Data

Family name: Selin (former Selinheimo)
First names: Tove Isa-Emilia Fransisca
Profession: Master of Arts,  Expert on Susainable Development, Kekekon - Consulting for Sustainable Development
Date and place of birth: 20.06.1966 Helsinki
Sex: Female
Citizenship: Finnish
Email:tove at
skype: tselin

Language proficiency

Mother tongue: Finnish
Other languages: English (excellent), Swedish (excellent), French (good), Japanese (good), Thai (fair), Russian (fair)
Languages studied for two years or less, no proficiency: German, Italian, Greek, Lappish, Spanish, Chinese (Putonghua, Classical, Cantonese), Korean, Tibetian, Vietnamese, Tagalog (Pilipino), Indonesian

Comprehensive school 1973-1982
Gymnasium (senior high school) 1982-1985 (Matriculation Examination)
University of Helsinki, Faculty of Humanities 1990-2000
- Japanese studies (originally East Asian studies), Development studies (theory and practise, Southeast Asia), environmental studies (politics, international issues, radioactive pollution, law, economics, aesthetics). Master thesis: Coercive Globalization? Japanese Popular Culture in Thailand.

Computer skills: at the moment I use Apple Macintosh (Apple Works, Claris Works, File maker, MacWrite, Word 5, Word for Mac, Libre Office) but I can also use PC (Word Perfect, Windows, Word, Excel, MS Access, Libre Office) and Linux. I have also used various database programs such as Filemaker and MS Access and Page Maker for lay out. In Internet I have used Netscape, Explorer, Safari and Firefox, and Email-programs include Eudora, Netscape Communicator, Thunderbird and Microsoft Outlook. I am using Photoshop and earlier Adobe GoLive CyberStudio, Macromedia Dreamweaver and noe SeaMonkey, for making a internet page.

Hobbies: NGO-work, languages, travelling, the popular culture and arts in East and Southeast Asia

Employment record (in reverse order)

Present Position:

Sales manager, Norsunmuisti Board Game Company, 1.1.2019 - 

Previous position:

Founder and Expert  of Kekekon  Sustainable Development Consultig Company 1.6. - 22.11.2017

Development Policy Officier, Kepa Mekong office, Bangkok, Thailand 18.2.2013 - 17.2.2016

Program Coordinator, Siemenpuu Foundation- in charge of Mekong and Mali programs, since July 2006 until August 2014

Project secretary - Asia information work (part-time), Siemenpuu Foundation, March - June 2006

Expert - Asia web page (part-time), Finnish Refugee Council, February - May 2006

Project researcher and producer, FinnWatch Information Bureau, October-November 2005, January 2006

Southeast Asia Campaign Consultant for International Rivers Network, (ment to be based in Bangkok, Thailand), June - September 2005

Coordinator, Finnish ECA Reform Campaign, c/o Finnish Association for Nature Conservation, December 2001 - May 2005

Theacher, University of Helsinki (Renvall institute, Asia Pacific Studies)
- courses on Environmental problems in Southeast Asia (autumn 2002, January 2004) and International Financial Institutes in Southeast Asia (spring 2003), lectures in lecture series on ASEM-AEPF and To Asia! (Spring 2006), course on Ecological Democracy in Southeast Asia (autumn 2007)

Project Secretary, Green Cultural Association, to arrange the New Social Movements in the South event held from 13th to 19th September, 2001, March-September 2001 (part-time)

Project Researcher, Tropical Garden Furniture -project, Finnish Association for Nature Conservation, July, October 2001

Project Secretary, Finnwatch preparatory work, Service Centre for Development Cooperation, May-June 2001

Translator, a book from English to Finnish (Richard Douthwaite: Short Circuit) for Friends of the Earth Finland, November 2000-March 2001

Part-time salesclerk in a jewelry shop Kalevala Koru at the airport (special task to serve the Japanese customers) October 1997-October 2000

Free lancer Journalist for an audiovisual special magazine Visio 1995-2001
- writing about sound and light design and Asian performing arts. In the autumn 1996 I worked as acting assistant sub-editor.

Seasonal salesperson at the Souvenirs from Finland -section of the Stockmann department store summers 1994-1997
- special task to serve Japanese customers, also interpretation from and to Japanese and Russian in other sections

Executive Secretary of the Greens of Helsinki (the district organisation of the Green League, Green party of Finland) March 1990 - December 1991
- organizing activites, arranging events, organizing the election campaign of the Parliament elections 1991, secreterial work
- In the autumn 1993 I worked as acting organizational secretary of the Green League and arranged the party conference that year

Project work between the years 1986-2003
- usually I have been the sole worker who is in charge of all practical things including budget, communications and also representation

The School for Freedom in 1986
- a fundraising campaign where the Finnish school children raised money for a school to be built for the Southafrican refugees in Tanzania. Also an anti-apartheid campaign.

A Finno-Soviet ecological trip to Carelia 1988
- I organized the trip on the Finnish side and acted as delegation leader on the Soviet side

A Palestinian Theatre group visit to Finland autumn 1989
- technical arrangement and assistant, media work
Time for Peace 1990
- Finnish and Italian delegations went to Jerusalem for the New Year 1990 to help the local peacemongers to start the peace process in the Middle East.

Nuclear Stop 35 autumn 1992
- a campaign against the fifth nuclear power reactor to be planned here in Finland.

Travel Coordinator for international conference Global Dialogue, Expanding people’s spaces in globalizing economy by International Group for Grassroots Initiatives (IGGRI), Helsinki-Espoo, July-September 1998
- organizing about a hundred foreign guests to and from Finland

Conference Assistant in the annual conference of the European Association for Japanese Studies, August 23-26, 2000, Lahti, Finland.

Sales representative, Suomen Suoramainonta Oy, for Nokia Comminucator at the Helsinki Airport, September 2001 and 2002

Editor, book projects on: Economic Democracy, Coalition for Environment and Development, November 2001 - spring 2005, Philippines Today, Finnish Philippines Society, autumn 2001-2003, Changing Social Equity in Vietnam, Finnish Vietnamese Friendship Association, spring 2004-2005.

Beside these I have written several articles to papers and magazines, and had various other jobs in private sector and NGOs, mostly office work but also work in the kitchen, post office and cleaning. As a child and youngster I sometimes worked at the theatre because my parents were in that profession, I have also made a couple of small film roles.

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